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Straight, neat straight hair still occupies a special position in the hearts of many people. So, if you want the appearance of beautiful straight hair, using a flat iron in a matter of minutes is a reliable way out. But before using it, make sure you are free from “mistakes” using flat iron by recognizing smart tips on choosing a flat iron. You also recommended to see the Steam Flat iron Reviews.

Get to know the ideal temperature

Some people think, the higher the temperature of flat iron the faster the process of sticking hair. In fact, the ideal temperature for using flat iron is 185 degrees Celsius and should not be more than that. Because the temperature of a flat iron that is too high will actually damage the moisture of the hair and the content of keratin in it which makes the hair red and branched.

Choose the right type of material

A hair stylist in the city of New York said that flat iron material also determines its quality when used. If you have curly hair, look for flat iron made of gold or titanium. For normal hair, you can choose flat iron made from ceramic material.

Choose flat iron capacity

Some people are born with different hair thickness so you need to look for the flat iron that suits hair condition. A hairstylist from New York recommends choosing a flat iron plate made from ceramic or tourmaline because it has a greater reach.

Get to know the type of flat iron thickness

Famous stylists also recommend to selectively choose the thickness of the flat iron to be worn. For example, flat iron with a thickness of 4 cm is good for styling, not straightening because you will have difficulty reaching the base of the hair.

Clean regularly

Often used doesn’t mean making you forget to clean flat iron, right? Clean flat iron from heat-protectant spray marks and various other styling products so that its ability is effective and does not cause damaged hair. Rub a soft cloth that has been moistened with alcohol and rub it on the flat iron to make it more productive.

Store in the right place

After cleaning, don’t forget to save this magic hair tool in a special container or shelf that has a heat-resistant surface. That way, there will be no other ingredients that stick to and interfere with flat iron performance.

Ready to make flat iron maximally when used? Come on, do these tips now and store your straight hair with confidence.

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