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For men, penis health is one of the main things in the reproductive system and in the bed. So, it is important for men to recognize health problems related to the reproductive system. In fact, if a man wants to be strong in bed, they usually order Viagra Online at Canadian Pharmacy.

Some men feel their penis looks normal, even though it might not. If you see these five signs, you should contact a doctor.

  1. A hard lump without pain in the testicles

This is a sign of testicular cancer according to the National Health Service. Testicular cancer generally occurs in men 20-35 years.

This cancer can be cured if it is found early. Men are advised to check the penis while bathing.

  1. Curved beyond normal limits

When the erection of the penis is not curved as usual and feels hard under the skin, immediately consult a doctor. This condition is known as Peyronie’s disease which is a condition of scar tissue that forms.

This disease is estimated to occur in around 3-9 percent of men in the world. Peyronie’s disease makes sex painful if left untreated. Curves that are formed more extreme can increase the risk of a broken penis. Surgery must be done or get an injection with salt and enzymes.

  1. Painful orgasm

You should see a doctor if the penis hurts during orgasm, whether it’s around the testicles or lower back.

  1. Burning sensation

Prostate enlargement occurs when it is difficult to go to the toilet. Urinary tract infections can also be the cause. Try checking with a professional. If found in the urine-blood can be a sign of enlargement of prostate stones and kidney stones.

  1. Tight penis skin

Lichen sclerosis is a skin condition that shows there are colored spots in the area. Uncircumcised people must encourage to see it. Seek medical attention immediately if you experience this because it can cause cancer and blockage of the urinary tract.

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